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Probate is the legal process through which a deceased person's estate is properly distributed to heirs and designated beneficiaries. If there is any debt owe, the creditors are also paid off. In general, probate property is distributed according to the decedent's last will and testament. However, if there is none, it is done according to state law. It is importatnt to hire a probate attorney to represent you throughout this process. Should you need help, contact us right away.

While inheriting a house is a generous gift from a loved one, it can also start a process that can be fraught with emotion. Most likely, you are receiving this property as a result of a loved one’s death. However, the financial decisions that come with inheriting property can be stressful and confusing. The best way to move forward is knowing your options, assessing the financial consequences of your choice, and seeking expert assistance in navigating the tax and legal requirements. This is where a probate attorney can help and look out ofr your best interest. They can keep you informed and educate you into making the best decision for your life.

Do I need a probate attorney?

  • A probate attorney can help you draft your will.  Using an attorney is the best way to ensure that a court will not declare your document invalid when you pass away.

  • Lawyers can help to minimize family conflict. A probate attorney can help to reduce family tension while settling the estate.

  • A Lawyer can help to protect the estate against legal claim. Legal claims such as creditor claims to will contests occur more frequently than many people realize. A probate attorney can give the protection to ensure that the decedent’s wishes are properly respected.
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Do I need a probate attorney?

  • Lawyers can expedite probate.The process can get bogged down in details, especially when the inexperienced executor has little financial or legal knowledge. Attorneys help in lessening obstacles.

  • Lawyers can help answer probate questions and let you know what to expect in the process.

  • An attorney can help with court filings and technical details. Your attorney can help executors understand the finer points during probate and reduce mistakes.

  • Attorneys help to ensure that debts are properly paid. No executor wants to release inheritances only to see creditors come in later with unsettled debts. An attorney can help to ensure that you follow the specific timelines for these processes.

Can a probate attorney help?

  • They help with the details of settling an estate.There are processes such as: Assets need to be appraised, an accurate accounting of probate activities needs to be prepared and legal issues can arise. An attorney helps to alleviate the stress.

  • An attorney can help an executor protect his interests. The executor's personal interests could be at risk if an error is made that results in losses for the beneficiaries. Executor errors can result in legal action from heirs. The attorney cannot guarantee that disgruntled heirs will not sue but, they can help to ensure that you make sound decisions.

  • The probate lawyer can help to relieve stress. Most people don't want to go through a complicated, lengthy legal process to settle the estate. However, debts must be settled and assets must be passed on. The attorney reduces stress.
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